Metal Roofs In Harsh Weather

Oh, the joys of being a Michigander! With this cold and snowy Winter upon us, it's the season to talk metal roofs and Michigan's harsh winter weather. We never know what our Winter will bring, ranging from tons of snow dumping down to straight cold for weeks. However, we know that the cold always takes a toll on everything, and the time when if something's ready to break- it does! It also puts things to the test, and that includes our home. (Think insulation during 30mph freezing winds)


How do metal roofs hold up in harsh weather? Will a metal roof make my home cooler in the Winter? Will dents occur if something hits my roof? These are common questions we receive from our customers and for a good reason. Michigan Winters can be harsh! But the beauty of metal roof panels goes beyond aesthetics.


With extreme weather in Michigan, unforeseen damage can be possible. Whether the extreme cold, like we saw recently where trees and other elements could freeze and fall: a metal roof is the best protector against these dangers. Timeless Metal Roofs installs 24 gauge steel panels as a standard for our product, equating to the ultimate physical protection. In addition, the increased thickness of our steel lessens the likelihood of dents from hail and other heavy objects.  Now let's talk harsh 30 mph FREEZING winds. Metal roof installation is a specialized installation that takes mastery to ensure a high-quality long haul. In our 15 years of metal roofing, we have consistently refined every part of our installation process through experience. This innovation results in a world-class quality metal roofing system that gives your home tight seal protection from unwanted air leaks, making your home warmer and more efficient on multiple levels.

"A roof bears the brunt of extreme winter storms, heavy snows and freezing temperatures," said Renee Ramey, MRA executive director. "A well-designed system not only helps keep the interior warmer and more comfortable, it also prevents ice dams from forming in the first place and guards against costly damage."

Another benefit of standing seam is the ability for snow to slide right off a roof during accumulation and eliminates ice dams. Ice dams can wreak havoc on roof durability and can result in costly maintenance issues. While many homeowners blame faulty gutters for freezing over and causing trouble, ice dam problems are typically much more complex. Ice dams occur on roofs when temperatures fluctuate, falling below and rising above the 32 degrees freezing point. As the snow starts to melt, it can re-freeze near roof soffits and overhang areas, which do not get as warm. That can cause a dam, where melting water backs up and seeps into the home, damaging walls and ceilings and leading to mold issues. Experts say maintaining steady rooftop temperatures is the best way to prevent ice dams. Ice dams can get worse as water freezes, re-freezes, and continues to build up. Uneven snow melt on rooftops and large icicles that form at the eves and on gutters can be a sign of trouble.

If you're researching options for your roof replacement or new build this Spring, consider Timeless Metal Roofs for your home for added protection and efficiency, and never replace your roof again. We serve the entire state of Michigan and are excited to offer our state a superior choice for commercial and residential roofing.

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