Can A Metal Roof Add Longterm Value and Appeal to Your Home?

A home is more than where we live. It's where we raise a family, celebrate moments, relax. And with homeownership, you can pass on a home to your children if you desire. While it's your own, you're free to create the aesthetic you enjoy, where everything is as you would like. With enhancements inside or outdoors, the aesthetic that surrounds you daily plays a part in several ways: in your mood, personally, and also, financially, in your investment. So we typically want to elevate those things with our home decisions.

A roof is one of a home's more grandiose visual details, as it's the most dominant part of a home at first glance. And aside from the foundation, your roof is structurally the most critical part of the home. If you plan to own a home for over ten years, you will undoubtedly replace an asphalt roof twice in your ownership.

So what other options do you have for your roof replacement? Metal. Metal roofs are becoming more and more in demand going into 2023. Below we discuss a few main reasons why this is. 

A Metal Roof is the Definition of Modern.

The look: Sleek long-running steel panels with no gaudy screws seen every few feet add a modern attractiveness to your home.

The coating: Beautiful, aesthetically tailored to the style of your home, and functions to keep indoor temps cooler in the summer. Possibilities are endless between color and texture options. 

The materials: We use 24 gauge steel, the thickest in the industry. 24 gauge provides the most substantial protection for your home against external damage that adds integrity to the home's entire structure. A metal roof installation is also highly specialized, enhancing the integrity of your home by creating seal-tight conditions. In addition, we install our roofing systems using a concealed fastening system which eliminates the potential of leaks, as opposed to hundreds of screws and holes along the perimeter, as in an exposed fastening system. Lastly, the application is sustainable, reducing fossil fuel consumption and keeping asphalt out of landfills. 

Example of Metal Roof in Saginaw

Homeownership is something to be proud of, as with any ownership. But, as with all assets, a home comes with the consideration for the best long terms options. The benefits of a metal roof travel through time, resulting in value to the subsequent owners of your home, and can translate into an ROI of up to 60%, including month-to-month savings on energy costs. An asphalt roof will undoubtedly do its job of protecting your home. But when owning long-term, the possibility of your roof becoming an investment comes from a standing seam metal roof. 

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