Comparing Metal Roof Options

If you're due for a roof replacement or researching roofs for your new build, chances are you're starting to notice how many options there are to choose from. First thoughts generally go to asphalt, the most basic contender in roof options. After some research, however, metal roofs come into the ring and change everything you know about roofing options!  

Once you start digging, you'll find various options for metal roofing. Still, you'll see that the most common metal type around is steel; however, there are variations. Below we'll discuss the two types and how and where they compare in the roofing industry. 

  • Standing Seam Steel is the most common metal roof type used, especially in the residential setting. The number one reason is longevity. With a lifespan of 70+ years, standing seam panels receive the "permanent roof" title. These roofs consist of panels of metal that run vertically from the eave to the ridge of the roof. The panels are seamed together at the vertical joints, hence the name "standing seam." The installation is a concealed system, where panels either lock or snap into each other with concealed screws. A concealed system hides them from the elements, making them strong, resilient, and protected against various pressures, including extreme weather. For this reason, a steel roof costs more than other types by up to two times. 
  • Pole Barn Steel tends to be the second most popular metal roof and one step up from asphalt shingles. Barn metal, as we call it, can be appealing because it is cheaper than thicker gauged steel but tougher than asphalt shingles. It is an alternative that is solid but lightweight at the same time. Its light quality makes it more susceptible to indents and maxes out at a 40-50 year lifespan. These roofs are made from large sheets of metal that are attached to the roof framing using screws or other fasteners.  The installation used with this metal is an exposed fastening system consisting of hundreds of exposed screws and holes along the roof's perimeter. Not only does this increase the opportunity for leaks, but exposure to natural elements also causes the screws to deteriorate rapidly.

The innovation of the future is essential to us, so we exclusively install standing seam metal panels at Timeless Metal Roofs. The reputation and longevity of standing seam are the best in the industry. Combined with our innovative installation process, we love assuring our customers that they'll never have to worry about their roofs again!

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