Benefits of Concealed vs. Exposed Fasters in Metal Roofing

Along with the varieties of metal roofs comes their specialized installation process. When viewing metal roofs, you'll notice that on some, thousands of screws that are used to fasten the roof down are visible all along the roof's surface. On other metal roofs, you see none. So what's the difference between concealed and exposed fastening systems? Standing seam metal roofs are a concealed fastening system, which accounts for the roofs you notice nothing but a beautiful slope.


• The first major benefit of a hidden fastening system is protection against the elements. Moisture and UV are the first elements that can cause a breakdown of any material, and that includes metal. This protection eliminates the chances of rust or any other issue with fastenings breaking down.


The second major benefit is leak protection. Exposed fastening systems consist of screws all along the top of your roof, and with these screws come the holes they fit into. These holes and poor installation knowledge increase the likelihood of leaks down the road, especially after the breakdown begins of the fasteners. With a concealed system, leaks are almost impossible.


• The third benefit of a concealed fastening system is the clean look of the end result, especially in a residential setting. Without thousands of screws covering your roof's surface, standing seam panels give your home a modern, smooth and contemporary look that lasts the test of time with almost no maintenance.

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